Stellartis' core service is administration and management of Swiss client companies, domiciled in the Cantons of Zug and Zuerich

Administration includes domiciliation or own office space, accounting, payroll, Swiss VAT applications, income tax and VAT returns, and other statutory requirements and filings with Swiss tax authorities and Trade Registers

Independent, day to day administration and management of Stellartis' client companies takes place in Zug by experienced, dedicated local staff and Swiss resident Director(s), each with a legal and administrative background, and diversified international 'real economy' experience

Clients can communicate with Stellartis in French, Spanish, Italian, German, English, Dutch, and Swiss German

Stellartis meets all Swiss legal conditions to operate as an administration and management company, is a qualified Financial Intermediary under Swiss FSA regulations and is audited annually on compliance with Swiss AML legislation

Through qualified and independent management of the client companies in Zug itself, the client companies comply with all Swiss and international conditions for fiscal residency in Zug

Stellartis was established over 10 years ago

When you need independent administration and management for a company in Zug, in particular when your Company has a tax ruling in Zug and can therefore not be managed outside of Zug, please contact us through the contact details on the next page

Our experience includes managing international trading companies for energy trading, petrochemical, marine and other industrial products, holding companies, investment portfolios, real estate, finance branches and offshore companies